Access More Clarity in your Life

Are you plugged into the clarity you need to realize your vision? Have you ever tried to accomplish a goal, but felt thwarted from completing it? The other day, I wanted to write this blog post. I visited my "other" office at Starbucks to focus.  Yet I could barely...

How to Get Unstuck: 3 Simple Tips

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Despite your best efforts, do you still face the same challenge? Are you ready to move from feeling stuck to unstuck? Getting unstuck can be easy. It requires a simple shift, if you follow these tips to free up your energy: 1) Write...

The Science behind Energy Healing

Throughout the ages, new ideas are rejected because it challenges accepted orthodoxy. But eventually, the unconventional becomes conventional knowledge. Interestingly, energy healing is an ancient idea, and it’s time to recuperate what the indigenous and the ancient world knew long ago. The health of our society and our planet depend upon it.