Tell Tale Signs of Energy Vampires and How to Protect Yourself

Halloween delights us as we poke fun at what might normally frighten us. The vampire is a mesmerizing archetype, who feeds off the blood of living humans and shuns death. But we don't have to be celebrating Halloween to be exposed to vampires. Energy vampires are...

Warning: How Obama and Romney May Be Harming Your Health

This week, I watched the presidential debate with my husband. Afterwards, I scanned Facebook to observe my friends’ reaction to the political contest. The emotions most noticeable included anger, sarcasm, self-righteousness, incredulity, and blame. And I considered...

Seize the Day by Shifting Your Thoughts

I can’t report that every morning is perfect, but just before falling asleep, if I remember to visualize what I want to create the following day, my brain is an amazing asset, always willing to help. We just need to remember to ask!