Overcome Money Sabotage in 5 Simple Steps

Overcome Money Sabotage in 5 Simple Steps

“Money is just energy. Which means, if are experiencing less money than you deserve, there may be a glitch in your operating system.

Have you ever hard to achieve your success, only to feel like the rug gets pulled from underneath you?  You may be suffering from a condition called underearning. Think of it as an allergy to money & financial freedom that money affords. 

Why You Aren’t Getting Results

Here's why you aren't getting the results you really want: As I was writing today, my eyes strained to see. I gazed above at the high arching ceiling in my family room. 3 lights had burned out. Only 3 lights remained. Someone (aka my husband) needs to replace these...

Confession of an Energy Healer

Confession of an Energy Healer As an energy healer and SimplyHealed practitioner, I do energy healing on my family and me everyday to maintain optimal energy. But I was encountering a challenge. I possess the passion and energy of fire. When I lashed out in anger (and...

5 Simple Ways to Identify and Remove Blocks

5 Simple Ways to Identify and Remove Blocks

Do you procrastinate on an action that could yield big rewards? Unwillingness to change could signal an underlying block. Blocks prevent us from standing fully in our own Light. Yet blocks also represent a potent area for transformation because the resistance masks a primal fear of our own greatness.

PhD in Overcoming Self-Sabotage

I know first-hand, what it is like to feel overcome by limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. I know what it is like to feel stuck, to have an inkling of one’s potential, but feel unable to reach it. But whatever story you tell yourself about why you are the way you are, it is just a story, and not even the True Story. The truth is that you have unlimited potential and are of infinite worth (if I may paraphrase the late Stephen Covey). And my mission is to help clear the mental and emotional clutter, so you can Live your Truth.

Generational Memories and Healing

Life can be challenging enough without carrying around our ancestors’ energetic baggage. But you can release the generational memory.