A Tale of Not-Enough-ITIS

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Surfing the Flow

4 years ago, I invested in a coaching program. Within 7 months, I  arrived!  I achieved the 6 figure golden grail of every newbie entrepreneur. I felt unstoppable. Yet I still had not completed the inner work to HOLD the money. Even though ironically, I was teaching about prosperity. We teach the message we most need to learn.

So the next live event I attended, I felt I NEEDED to invest more money to grow my business.

Despite coaching from my mentor, I signed up for another program to accelerate results. 

Live events are designed to create an emotional response in the audience. So you BUY. BUY. BUY.

And like a willing consumer, I could not spend my money fast enough.

Like many business owners, I ended up chasing the “next shiny object.”

At one point, I was enrolled in 3 coaching programs simultaneously. For my business, my fitness, and my branding.

Each program elevated me and my business in a precise way. And I am grateful for the support and guidance.

But looking back, I see weakness that guided my decision.

I didn’t feel I was enough. And so I spent and invested with the hope that I would be enough.

What I am seeing is so many entrepreneurs who are over-investing in multiple programs. Some programs that overlap and teach the same principles, but from different angles.

Are you one of these entrepreneurs?

Why do you need another program? Get intimate and get the results with the program you are enrolled in. 

But don’t invest in multiple spiritual coaching programs or multiple business coaching programs, focus on one program, until you realize your goal.

So here’s the ONLY time I recommend investing in additional coaching:

If you are not getting results in your business because of your mindset or emotional blocks. Don’t waste time and resources. You accelerate results when you get coaching to manifest results with more ease and flow.

Or if you are working with a spiritual coach, and you need a business coach for concrete marketing strategy to grow your business.

Quiet all the noise in your mind. Really check in if you need to watch another webinar or summit. Ask your Divine Self if this is your next step. Is this what you need on your journey?

If the answer is No, then don’t allow the distraction. And yes, that even means the messages and invites to webinars that I send out.

Here’s what I know for sure:

You have the answers already inside you. 

You KNOW. Yes, you know.

You have the power to consciously design your own reality.

But it requires waking up. It requires abiding by the Higher Law. The Laws of Affluence.

Stay tuned. I’ve been downloading some juicy new stuff about these laws of affluence. I’ll be announcing a master class soon, if that resonates with your next step to understand how to work with these laws.


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