The Art Of Living In The Flow

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Last month, my younger brother Jason invited me to go Flowriding and I learnt the art of living.

Flowriding requires you to balance on a board while riding the water. The fun looks easy, but that is deceptive. The balancing act is not like snowboarding or surfing. You shift and turn with your back foot.

With the force of a fire hose, water shoots up a ramp. If you fall, you are catapulted up the ramp.

Here is the trick, which reminded me of our work together:
Keep your knees bent to absorb the force. Focus on one spot. Relax and go with the flow.
Frankly, I considered just watching. It looked risky.
But I wanted to look good in front of my college-age brothers and nephews.

It was my turn. I balanced on the board for a few minutes. But as my balance teetered, fear caught my heart. I fell.
The water hurled my body with such force. I lurched backwards and slammed my head. My neck tingled from the blow.
The trouble was: I didn’t know how to fall. It was hard to fall gracefully. And the water twisted you around and spat you out.
Yet the experience illustrated the art of getting out of one’s own way.
I share this story because I was thinking of you:

Are you getting in your own way?
When you start to lose your balance, do you tense up? Do you allow fear to creep in?

When I was flow riding, and I started to lose my balance. Fear gripped me. I was falling! My fear increased. And I resisted the fall.

It was the resistance, not the fall itself, that caused me injury.
Stop for a moment.

Consider: where is resistance showing up in your life? 
<strong style=”font-size: 16px; font-weight: 700; font-color: black;”How are you getting in your own way?

How is resistance keeping you from fully living your purpose? Loving passionately? Increasing your money?
Flowriding reminded me of living in the flow of abundance.Riding with grace whatever life hurls towards you. You must stay focused on your vision.
It is a delicate art of balance.
When you can assess where you are slipping, you can course-correct.
I believe that when you are living your purpose, you create more affluence in your life.
What would it feel like to live your life on purpose, make the money you deserve, and create the love life that ignites your passion?
When you ask the right questions, you are in a position to change.
For you, what are the right questions? Share your thoughts below.



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