The Biggest Adventure Of Your Life Is Living The Life Of Your Dreams. Oprah

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“The biggest adventure of your life is living the life of your dreams.” Oprah.
This week, I’m studying, working, and playing with amazing women here in La Jolla, California. This morning, I wake up to a dazzling ocean view from my bed. I share this not to boast. But to inspire you that you can CREATE an amazing life. But it requires a choice….

So… here is a life-defining question: are you living the life of your dreams?

If yes, hurray! If no, what would you do differently today?

I believe that Living the A-LIfe is our moral responsibility. Because when you are living into your purpose, your heart expands.

You live and breathe FREEDOM. Yet living the life of our dreams is not a destination. It is a state of being.

I believe it is a daily process, marked by the direction of one’s heart.

My husband and I just signed a 11-month lease on a home near the beach in Nosara, Costa Rica. And we are building a house. We committed! We are moving in a few months.

But we are not “there” physically. In fact, we are still in our home in Annapolis, Maryland. But the key is that we are living in the flow.

I surrender the old habit of controlling all the details of the move. My focus is to take action on the next step.

I ask myself: What do I need to do today to live the life of my dreams?

One week—my focus is signing a lease and wiring funds. The next week, it may be staging my house to sell.

The Universe will take care of the rest.

For you—what would it mean to live the life of your dreams?

Where is the gap between the life you live now and the life you DREAM about living?

And it doesn’t mean you have to galavant to another part of the world. Unless, that is your dream: )

But it does mean taking daily actions that affirm that your dreams are worth it.

I am inspired by my clients daily. For instance, one private client transitioned out of a corporate job. Recently, she enrolled in a memoir writing class and started reclaiming her gifts as an actor. Her success is measured by her willingness to follow her heart and honor her gifts and talents.

She is saying YES to her vision. And that takes courage!

So many people get stuck in the quandary of thought and indecision. They desire clarity. But CLARITY comes from EXECUTING HEART-CENTERED actions.

Each time you listen to that inner guidance and step into the darkness, your path is illuminated.


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