The Law of Attraction Checklist to Attract More Income

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Recently, a woman expressed frustration in her ability to attract more income. She was not seeing results with The Law of Attraction: I am living in the flow, but I am still struggling financially. I need more income. Why isn’t this working?

My first response is to review a mental checklist to evaluate one’s Law of Attraction practice, which I will share with you.

Rather than concluding: The Law of Attraction isn’t working. The proper response is evaluate where you need to modify your thoughts, feelings, and habits.

Everything is Energy. Every thought-form vibrates at a particular frequency. Your present financial state is a result of past thought-forms.
When clients approach me with the wish to attract more income, it is easy as an outsider to pinpoint where they are sidestepping important principles of the Laws of Abundance.

Here’s a simple checklist to evaluate your practice of The Law of Attraction: 

  1. Are you crystal clear on your vision?
  2. Do you read your vision morning and night?
  3. Are you vigilant to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts? Do you practice gratitude for all the daily miracles in your life?
  4. Do you immerse yourself in books, audio books, and courses that remind you to shift to a prosperity mindset?
  5. Have you released your subconscious blocks that have kept you from manifesting success?
  6. Do you take responsibility for everything that shows up in your life and change your attitude, behaviors, and thoughts when necessary? In other words, are you free from victim energy?
  7. Are you taking inspired action every day to move you toward your vision?
  8. Have you replaced resentment with forgiveness?
  9. Have you aligned your Will with Divine Will?
  10. Are you fully committed to your vision?

Creating prosperity and properly employing the Laws of Abundance, including the Law of Attraction is actually a spiritually transformative path. It is so much more than simply your ability to attract more income.

Do you have a tip to share that helped you shift to a prosperity mindset and attract more income? Please comment, and let’s start a conversation below.


  1. Vatsala Shukla

    One practice that I do and which I find helps consistently with the mind-shift is to meditate in the morning and again at night using a mantra in which I visualize that my Higher Self is transferring the qualities that I require and need to achieve my goals using the Law of Attraction. It works!

    • Tera

      Hi Vatsala,
      Perfect! You are employing your mental energy to create what you want spiritually, so you can manifest physically.

      Thank you for sharing that technique for your mantra!

  2. Joan

    Thanks for the checklist. It will come in handy to remind me of what to do daily.

    • Tera

      I’m glad you like it, Joan. Sometimes, it helps our linear thinking to assess where we need to make changes.

  3. amberly

    Tera, thanks for these thoughts. your checklist hit home for me as I have been unhappy with the results I have been receiving in a few areas of my life butI realize that I will forever be unhappy with results until I am clear on my vision and goals. Thanks for the boost!

    • Tera

      Thank you for your thought, Amberly. I find I may excel at manifesting in some areas of my life, but I need to improve in other areas. Fortunately, that’s why we are here…

  4. Fortuna

    Hi Tera,
    I just want to thank you for sharing this checklist. I absolutely agree with you. Creating prosperity is a spiritually work. We need to align our mind and heart with the Universal mind and heart. When we are ready in our inside which means when we are creating positive energy (thoughts, feelings, words, actions, reactions), so we are ready to expand the energy that attracts everything we want. Not after, not before.
    Sometimes people don’t even realize that the way they react affects their life. And we react to the impressions of life every single second. Also, what we believe also determines our life. Sometimes we are not conscious about what we believe.
    I’ve used the Law of Attraction long time ago when I got very sick that I almost die and here I am absolutely healthy right now. I really believe it works. But it wasn’t only the Law of attraction by itself… I think it also was what I definitely expanded that it was positive energy, love, love of myself first. I always remember this situation because it changed my life forever. Even though I was very sick, I always saw myself healthy, smiling and happy. I always believed I will be healthy. So, visualization is key and what we believe is what really determines our life.
    Thank you again.

    • Tera

      Thank you for sharing the miracle on your life, Fortuna. What a great reminder for us about the power of visualization.

  5. Terry

    Do you practice gratitude for all the daily miracles in your life? I have found that practicing gratitude for the things in my life that show up that I don’t want is extremely effective as well….let’s call them the disguised “miracles”, focus on the positive vs negative is deceptive in some respects because after all, as any EmoTrance Practitioner would say, “It’s ONLY energy.”

    • Tera

      Great advice, Teresa. For a few years, I nursed a shoulder injury after the birth of my 3rd child. I applied energy work, but the injury persisted. When I finally remembered to love the injury and feel gratitude for the things it taught me, the injury healed.

  6. gerald

    Possitive changes come into my life in sychronistic ways. Everything on the list I work with. Bigger better income has not shown itself for me yet either. I still have faith because of past transphormations. Healing abilities continues to increase. As i accept even seemingly bad events as something I called for in hidden ways to create a more fulfilling and a better Universe for myself.
    Choa Kok Sui offers constructive methods to improve.

    Where’s my prosperity? Come out ,,, come out where ever you are! 🙂

    • Tera

      Thanks for your comments, Gerald. Sometimes, I find we are not open to receiving additional income opportunities, even though our conscious mind says yes!

  7. Jennifer

    Hi Tera, this is a great list, thanks. Can you say a few words about releasing subconscious blocks? I feel like I must have some, but if they’re subconscious, how do I do the work to bring them to the front and kick them out the door? I’ve had a lot of success, but I’m a few steps short of the breakthrough I’m working towards.

    • Tera

      Hi Jennifer,
      To notice where you have blocks, pay attention to your feelings. If, for instance, you feel a twinge of envy at another’s success, that feeling indicates there is a block to be cleared. If you feel triggered about paying taxes, for example, that feeling indicates there are blocks about not having enough. Our body and emotions are great indicators of what we need to work on.

      Energy work is highly effective at releasing subconscious blocks. i
      I typically recommend Emotional Freedom Technique because it is free and accessible. Carloyn Cooper’s Simply Healed method, the modality I practice, is much faster because you can clear multiple blocks in one session.

      Continue pressing on. Your breakthrough is on the other side! I can feel it!

      • Jennifer

        Thanks Tera, that’s helpful. I definitely know those “feelings” you speak of! I am a big fan of EFT and am starting my day identifying and clearing these blocks. I’m not familiar with Carloyn Cooper, but I appreciate the recommendation, I’ll look her up. I appreciate your encouragement.

  8. Leon

    I’m trying to get my business going, but for some reason, I’ve just not been able to attract the right people, the products there great, I’m just not doing what I need to do, I guess, can you help?

    • Tera

      Hi Leon, feel free to click on my scheduler to arrange a 15-minute clarity session. We can assess what you need to do to shift. –Tera

  9. Toader

    Hello Tera,

    Thank you for your post.

    My tip is meditating, it was very helpful to me.

    A really big hug and success for you. Toader

    • Tera

      Thank you, Toader for sharing your tip on meditation. Hugs to you too! Tera

  10. Roger

    Thank you for the list.
    A huge reminder that I have not been clear.
    Time to set down and do some writing.
    I have tried in the past but not with clear focus.
    Little short on the visual skills but I will revisit thanks to your reminder.
    Again, thank you.


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