The Missing Key To Realize Your Heart’s Desire

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The missing key to finally realizing your DESIRE is:
CRYSTAL CLARITY on what you really want.
Vagueness dilutes the power of your desire so that it’s only a wish and a dream.

Yesterday’s beach adventure with my 4-year-old reminded me of the power of our thoughts.

My daughter wants to collect sand crabs. I agree.

I kneel on the beach and dig my hands into the sand.  Nothing but upturned clumps of sand.
I determine to teach her the Laws of Abundance

.”Imagine you already have the sand crabs in your hands. Let’s feel happy and grateful.”
“Okay, Mama. I am imagining…”
We continue to grasp fistfuls of beach. I bury my hands deep into the coarse grains. Still nothing.
The mind virus seeps in, “What if there were no sand crabs today?” But I quickly dismiss that thought.

I commit to the vision of SEEING the sand crabs. I REMEMBER the experience of finding sand crabs, and how that felt so easy.

I continue digging.
Finally, my fingers strike a hard shell squiggling under my finger.
“A sand crab.” I shout. My daughter laughs and grabs the treasure to collect in our bucket.

After that, the getting was easy. Each time I dip my fingers into the sand, I find another sand crab.
I share this story because it describes the Key to realizing your vision.
You must have crystal clarity about what you want.
Yes, you say you want financial freedom, or the love of your life, or family harmony. But what exactly does that look like?
If my daughter and I were to declare, “We want to find something at the beach.” We might find something, but it may or may not be a sand crab.

If you really want to realize your vision, you need to be specific.

So here’s how to start:

Form in your mind’s eye, a CLEAR Mental Picture about what you want to create.

Include the details, texture, and feelings, as if this were your life today.
How much money is financial freedom? How would you go about your day? What does your partner look like? How do you feel with him or her?
Include the concrete numbers–your specific order to the Universe.
Now, spend 10 minutes writing down your vision statement about what you want to create.
You are worthy and deserving of realizing your vision.


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