The Real Reason I Race 1/2 Marathons. It’s Personal.

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I am about to go running on the beach this afternoon. But I wanted to share with you the real reason I race 1/2 marathons. It’s personal.

I seek to cover the gaps in my mindset. I aim to MASTER my inner game.

Read to the bottom because what I share is critical to your ability to manifest affluence.

The process of TRAINING, RACING, and sticking to a specific plan, not simply finishing a race, brings up the mind chatter that AIMS to take us out of the game.

Your habits either lead you to creating the life you want. Or your habits hurt you.

Your success and ability to manifest more money, love, & freedom this year has nothing to do with the economy, age, job situation, relationship status, kids, and any other circumstance you think is REALITY.

Your affluence rests on how you THINK and MASTER the essential habits to manifesting success.

If you have these 3 essential habits, your success is inevitable.

1. Get Crystal Clear on your WHY.
My first race I had a noble WHY. I dedicate the race to my brother who died in a bicycle accident. The last memories I had of him were training together in San Diego. But as much as I love my brother, the WHY was not big enough for me to overcome the mind chatter.

In the August race, my companions were racing faster than I felt comfortable. And in the final third of the race, I fell behind. My thoughts told me to slow down. There was no way I could continue at this pace, I thought. And I surrendered…

So in this race, I was determined to conquer the inner game. I connected my WHY to my dream for my family and our life in Costa Rica. I knew that sticking to my commitment would increase my confidence quotient. And that Confidence is essential to hitting your numbers or doing anything challenging in life. I knew that overcoming the mind chatter and sticking to my plan for the race was essential to me reaching my BIG goals in 2015.

2. Make Hitting your GOAL Non-Negotiable.
This time, I set a plan for the race. I determined what my pace should be for each leg of the race. I knew what zone my heart rate should be in.

And this time I stuck to my plan.

In the final 4 miles, my breathing quickened. But I knew my target pace and heart rate. I focused on the goal.

The mantra that God gave me in the last part of the race was this:

I stuck to my plan and relaxed. No more resistance.

3. Don’t let others take you off your target.
I started running the race with a good friend. But as we were running, I could hear her breathing harder, and she started to pull back and walk. As much as I wanted to run with her the entire race, I left her and re-committed to my vision.

We cannot let others: family, spouse, friends, or kids as excuses to not live up to our dreams.

So what was my end result?
I shaved 10 minutes off my personal record and finished a hilly 13.1 course in 2:12. No world records, to be sure. But it was a victory for me.

And best of all, by committing to my vision I earned the right to trust myself.

Relax into excellence.

So here’s why I am sharing this:

Mastering these 3 mindset habits ENSURE your ability to manifest more affluence.

Let me ask you a few questions:
1. Is your vision for this year a nice idea? A feeble hope? Or are you so fired up about hitting your numbers or realizing your vision that you won’t let anything stop you?

2. Notice your level of commitment on hitting your goal. Is it a 10? a 8? a 5?

3. Are you humble and coachable enough to recognize the need for mentorship and support?

If you are committed and want to explore how affluence coaching, deep energy work and mindset training will accelerate your results this year, email to schedule a chat with me. We will set up a plan for you to shift this year


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