Our Thoughts, Subconscious Beliefs, And Emotional Programs Create Our Current Reality

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Our thoughts, subconscious beliefs, and emotional programs create our current reality.

Case in point:
My experience as an expat in Costa Rica was this belief:

It is hard to become fluent in Spanish in Nosara because of the expat community in Guiones. Everyone speaks to you in English. And when I would speak in Spanish, Ticos responded in English.

So 3 years here, my Spanish did not improved much…
I am embarrassed to say…

Until my 7-year-old, who attends a Waldorf school that is Spanish immersion, started becoming the family interpreter because she is becoming fluent in Spanish…

Her rapid growth highlighted my laziness… and it sparked a desire to re-commit to speaking in Spanish.

Lo and behold: My reality changed…

I am being spoken to in Spanish more and more because I hold the energy of someone who wants to speak in Spanish.

And these are interactions with locals who used to always speak to me in English.

Of course, it was me all the time….
I was the “problem”.

I’m sharing this because sometimes we are so immersed in our current reality, that we forget that we create this reality.

And you can change your reality any time by simply changing your thoughts… (and actions and how you show up).

Try it…

You can even fall in love again.
Heal a broken relationship.
Create an overflow of money.

It starts with a choice
And a desire to commit
And a willingness to see and let go of what’s not working.

You are designed to dream.
And you wouldn’t be hardwired to dream
Without the ability to manifest your soul-inspired dreams..

What will you shift today?
Let me know your thoughts.

I hope that serves!

Much love,


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