The Trick to Increasing Prosperity, or The Integrity Quotient

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The #1 Trick to Increasing Prosperity (or The Integrity Quotient)
I am feeling grateful today, and I wanted to share with you my number one trick for increasing prosperity.
OK. It’s not a trick. It’s more like an action. Let me introduce an old-fashioned word that is inextricably linked to increasing prosperity.
The naysayers and critics of the truly prosperous and rich fail to highlight this aspect.
The uncanny sister to prosperity is:


So first, let me ask you:

Are you living in alignment with your soul’s purpose?
For years, I lived out of integrity with my truth. I sabotaged my efforts at success. I hid behind addictions to food and other substances.

Most people associate integrity with honesty, a moral value. But the higher definition of integrity signifies being in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

On an energetic level, when you are living in integrity with the truth of your being and in alignment with Divine Will, you feel peaceful and content. You feel abundant. And that feeling is the sweet spot to open up the floodgates of prosperity into your life.

Integrity is not an all or nothing proposition.
We are constantly evolving. It is a process of perfecting ourselves. But the fruits of integrity are the feelings of abundance in your life towards your bank account, your relationships, your health, and your gifts and talents.

In my life, whenever I feel struggle, pain, or negative energy, I regard the experience as an opportunity to discover where I am out of energetic alignment (aka integrity) with my truth.

You can be spiritual, yet not living in integrity with your truth.

The universe is abundant. And if you are living in scarcity and lack, you are living a falsehood. It doesn’t feel good, otherwise you would be feeling abundant, regardless of how much money you had in your bank account or clothes in your closet.

If you say you want to meet the LOVE of your life or relish the marriage of your life, but you are subconsciously (or consciously) resisting that impulse. You are out of alignment with your heart’s desire.

If you say you want to share your message with the world, but you stop because you fear technology, you are repelling your vision.

If you say you want to create beyond-your-wildest-dreams financial freedom for your family, but you are not ready to invest in yourself (and take the leap to create that quantum momentum), you are procrastinating your vision.

Your highest calling in life is Integrity.
It is surrendering your will to Divine Will. But we spend so much of our time struggling against this sweet act of surrender. When we are in fear, overwhelm, need to control, anger, we are not aligning our will with God’s will. We are fully entrenched in the Self or ego. This struggle is what causes us pain.
So here’s my number 1 trick to shifting to prosperity:

Taking Inspired Action
I am not referring to busy action. I mean the action you know deep down inside you must do. You have the answer already.

I advocate energy work because I know the struggle of self-sabotage and the self-defeating cycle when you know you should be doing something, but you still aren’t.

But even with energy work, you must match your raised vibration around prosperity  with proper soulful action. Each time you take a step forward, you are standing in integrity with your soul’s purpose.

What do I need to do today to move me toward my vision? What is the action that scares you the most?
The actual act of movement will cause a shift.  Your action says to the Universe, “Yes, I am fully committed to my vision. Bring it on!”

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  1. lilytemmer

    Best article ever, Tera! Thank you!

    • Tera

      Thank you, Lily.

      • Fred Lyman

        Thanks Tera,
        Lily led me here just yesterday 0 in time for that good article.
        Loved it and it was very timely in my life.

  2. Ojars

    Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to hear this morning!

  3. Les

    I’m frustrated: I know what I want. I go for it. Part of the way I revert to my old self. The worst is that now I can see it coming, but I am will less to stop it. It’s like a ship you are steering in the direction you want to go but there’s an under current that’s pulling/pushing away from your goal…

  4. Nur

    Thank you for this article especially your confessions about yourself. It gives hope that we can change for better. looking forward to your training next week.


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