Do You Have What It Takes To Realize Your Vision In 2014?

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I want to pinch myself. Have you ever had that feeling when life is so good?

doA year ago, I was organizing my first telesummit and building my business. Yesterday, I was carving my snowboard in powdery
snow in Park City,Utah with my private client and friend Jill Christensen.

Just a few days before carving in powder with my 9-year-old in West Virginia. Flying first class. Becoming friends with transformational thought leaders and authors, whom before I had admired from afar. Bringing newfound leadership into my role as mother. Rekindling passion in my marriage.

Yes, life is good. What I believe is transformation happens by taking one big leap after another. 
I have talked to many of you and heard your challenges and innermost desires. And I want all these blessings for you. When you are taking steps to living your purpose,  my heart feels full. I feel alive because this work is completely aligned with my purpose.

But abundance does not happen unless you are willing to take a leap.

But our natural human pattern is to stay in our comfort zone. You continue to deal with your challenges with your current level of thinking. 

So I created this quiz to help you honestly assess where you are in 2014 and your chances of getting where you want to go

What is your big vision for 2014? And what does it take to get there? 
Take this quiz and add up your points to determine if you will realize your big vision in 2014:

1) You are willing to invest in a mentor.


2) You are stretching your capacity and taking leaps on a daily or weekly basis.


3) You are willing to make decisions based on the income you want to earn, versus your current level of income/ scarcity thinking.


4) You are willing to take responsibility for what shows up in your life right now.


5) You are completely committed to your vision and have clarity about what you want to create in 2014.


6) You are ok with making mistakes. You do not let perfectionism stop you on your path to success.


7) You have honed your problem-solving capabilities. In other words, if you face challenges with the certainly that there is a solution. And you don’t stop until you find the solution. 



Results: Add up a point for every question you answered True.

3 or less: You have a few qualities of the highly successful. You are reflective and honest with yourself. But your chances are 10% or less that you will actually attain your vision in 2014.

4-6: You are on the path to success. You will likely see some successes in 2014, but you have a 50% chance of realizing your vision.

7: You will realize your vision in 2014, or you are standing in the vibration of certainty that you will get there. 

OK. So here’s the deal: 

If you scored less than 7, there is a solution.

90% of the most highly successful have arrived at their success through the guidance of a mentor or coach.

She holds a space of what is possible if you take the leaps. She points out your blind spots that have kept you spinning in circles your whole life. If she is an energy practitioner like me, she clears your limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, so you are no longer weighed down from the baggage of your family and your past. She guides you to create a plan so that you attain your vision in 2014.

If you are fully committed to realizing your vision, and you have either hit a plateau in your career, you are feeling stuck, or you are falling short of your goals,  contact me (click here for my calendar) and let’s create a plan for you so you can realize your vision in 2014.

As much as I would love to talk to all of you, my schedule with clients is booked out 6 weeks in advance. I have 5 spots open to talk to the truly committed.


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