How to Dissolve Writer’s Block

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Have you ever felt locked up in writer’s block?

You committed to write.
That due date stares at you with reproach. That blog post is due TODAY!

Or that writing deadline for your upcoming book nags at you.

Or you have a paper or research project due for school?

Or perhaps, you have a vague idea of a book you need to write. But you still haven’t carved out the words on paper.

If you know my story, a writer’s block led me to

Carolyn Cooper’s Simply Healed method

 I felt relief when my friend, a Simply Healed practitioner, worked with me over the phone to release my resistance to writing and completing my dissertation.


Here’s a few tips to help you dissolve writer’s block:
1. Visioning Your Success

Write down your vision statement that is the outcome of breaking through your writer’s block. Do you want to be a NY Times Bestselling author? Do you want to drive up traffic to your blog to increase visibility? Do you want to earn a degree? Ground your action in your vision. Write your vision statement in the present tense with the feeling that accompany this creation.

Imagine yourself realizing your vision. When you connect to your inspiration, you tap into the energy to motivate you to write.

2. Tap Out the Block

Check out Tapping as a simple way to release the block. You tap on a series of acupressure points while repeating:

“Even though I don’t feel like writing, I love myself, and I am a good person.”

Continue with a series of tapping. After each round, you can add a different variation of the negative thought that is keeping you blocked.

For examples, you can search on YouTube for some videos on tapping.

3. Visioning Q’s

Visioning Q’s are affirmations that you rephrase as a question. You create affirmations that, if true, will lead to manifesting your vision. Often, these affirmations are the exact opposite of what your subconscious believes to be true.

Below are the Visioning Q’s that I use to help me shift when I am feeling uninspired or face a writer’s block.

Here, I refer to blog writing, but you can replace “blog” with whatever writing project you need to complete.

Feel free to tailor these Visioning Q’s to your current challenge.

  1. Why is it so easy to write my blog?
  2. Why can I complete 2 blog posts in 1 hour?
  3. Why am I so inspired and inspiring?
  4. Why do I deliver the content and message that is exactly with my audience needs to hear?
  5. Why am I so committed to writing 3 blog posts a week?
  6. Why is it so easy to keep this commitment?
  7. Why so I always show up and write 3 blog posts a week?
  8. Why am I so motivated to write in my blog?
  9. Why do I know exactly what to write?
  10. Why am I tapped into Universal Intelligence?
  11. Why am I receiving and hearing the spiritual insights and receiving the spiritual help to write?
  12. Why do I love writing blogs?
  13. Why is my blog so popular?
  14. Why does it reach a readership of 100,000?
  15. Why does my blog drive up my traffic?
  16. Why is the blog writing so effortless?
  17. Why do I release all the resistance about writing a blog?
  18. Why do I find the time to write?
  19. Why is it easy to balance my other work and family with my writing?
  20. Why am I so creative and brilliant?
  21. Why am I living in the flow of abundance?
  22. Why do I just show up to write and words flow easily to me?
  23. Why does my love for myself and others show up in my writing?
  24. Why do I carve out the time to write?
  25. Why am I clear, focused, and motivated to write?
  26. Why is my prose so lucid?
  27. Why am I gifted with the perfect words to convey my ideas?
  28. Why am I such a gifted wordsmith?

Whenever you face a writer’s block, consider: what is the underlying reason stopping me from writing?
If you liked these suggestions or have some of your own suggestions, share your thoughts in the comment box below.


  1. Franjipani

    I adore your visioning Q’s
    Thank you for sharing them! 🙂
    I can barely wait to use them Monday! 🙂

    • Tera

      Let me know the result! Do you do a lot of writing for work?


  2. Julie

    Beautiful post!! So helpful. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration, Tera!!

    • Tera

      My pleasure, Julie… I am curious to know the outcome.

  3. Carolyn

    I love the Qs! I can connect with those and know that my subconscious will get to work right away to bring answers to my awareness. You do great work Tera!
    AND, thanks for the ‘shout-out’ to SimplyHealed 🙂

    • Tera

      Hi Carolyn, Thank you. I am for grateful your work and the good Simply Healed is bringing to the world. I’ve been excited about these Visioning Qs to share with my clients because it is homework that they can practice to create a new thought pattern. I know you teach (I’ll paraphrase): “With Simply Healed, we sweep out the cobwebs, but it is the client’s job to kill the spider.” I find that the Visioning Qs helps them take charge of “killing the spider.”


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