3 Steps to Reclaim Your Power

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Are you giving away your power?

When you give away your power, you dim your brilliance. Your action contradicts your inner purpose. You are here on earth is to shine, to radiate love.

Anything less than living your truth does not feel good.

The paradox lies in the space of what if’s: between where you are now and where you are going.

You may fear that moving forward may cause your world to change.

And yes, it’s true.

You may re-assess your marriage and the gaping hole inside of you. And what if you leave? What will happen to the children? To your home? To the comfortable security of what is today?

Or what if you leave your current job? What will be waiting on the other side?

Or what will your friends and loved ones say, if you pursue this next step? Will you grow out of the old familial story? Will you be left alone?

Or what if you fire your current clients? Will you attract new clients whom you love? Will you have enough to replace what no longer feels good?

The earliest story in our ancestral memory illustrates the power of following one’s vision.

Remember Adam and Eve?

Eve made a decision that aligned with her purpose, as mother of all living. She decided to eat the forbidden fruit to become knowing, like God. And Eve went to Adam and persuaded him that he should eat the fruit also.

For centuries, mainstream Christianity vilified Eve for disobeying God’s law. After all, Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden for their sin.

But I share another reading:

Adam and Eve were living in a state of perpetual innocence. They were like children, not knowing their own nakedness.

Our first parents were commanded “to multiply and replenish the earth.” They could not obey this commandment in their state of innocence.

The two commandments to procreate and to abstain from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil posed a dilemma.

Yet Eve had an inner vision, to honor her own becoming.  

She did not wait for Adam’s approval. She acted as a leader. She inspired Adam to come with her. And the rest is history.

We incorrectly associate the motherly role with martyrdom, but Eve was not a victim or a martyr.

This generational memory of our first earthly mother is a legacy for us to recall.

Are you allowing your husband (or your wife or a family member) to hold you back? Are you using your marriage or your kids as an excuse to play small?


Here are 3 ways to reclaim your power:

1. Go back to your why.

What is your vision? Write it down. Express your vision in vivid details.

If your vision does not fire you up, then revise your vision. You need to connect deeply to your why. Just changing the world or helping others is not enough to motivate you to break through your blocks.

Eve was willing to face exile from the Garden of Eden to follow her vision. Capture that burring fire within to do whatever it takes (with integrity) to attain your vision. Your success depends upon it.

2. Take the next step.

Every day take action to move you toward your vision. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like picking up the phone. Or going to a networking event.

If going on strategy calls will get you to your vision, then take the calls. When you take the next inspired action, you are standing in your power.

Regardless of the outcome.

Everyday action is the footwork of success.

3. Observe and reduce the negative mind chatter.

Your response to challenges and setbacks determines your trajectory of success. But your response is entirely up to you.

Do you meet disappointment and berate yourself? Or do you see what you can improve upon, but detach from judging yourself?

If you are deeply connected to your why and you are taking inspired action, hurray!

You are a success! Do you understand that you are doing what 97% of the population are not doing?

You are standing in the vibration of success! The vibration is unattached to how much money you have in your bank account, or how many clients you enrolled this month.

If you continue on this path–regardless of how many times you failed–your success is inevitable.

I know that success is inevitable because I have studied the successful. If they all embody these qualities, then you can adapt these habits too. 

The challenge lies when you judge the failures and decide to back off or give up,  just before the miracle happens.

If these words resonate with you, share your thoughts in the comment box below.


  1. lilytemmer

    Superb post, Tera! Just what I needed to hear today!

    • Tera

      Thanks, Lily. I’m delighted to share. And I always appreciate your comments.

  2. Susan

    Dear Tera thank you for your post. Today I am faced with a challenging situation with husband I
    Finally mustered up the courage to leave. Rather than taking the old familiar bait I am saying how can I turn this powerful emotion of anger into right action? As soon as I do I harness my power and feel immediately grounded. Everything is possible now today!

    • Tera

      Dear Susan,
      You are doing beautiful work! Hugs to you!


  3. Vyda

    Dear Terra! Just a few days ago I have been thinking about this biblical topic.You can’t even imagine how I was surprised tonight when I read your email… I remembered Joe Vitale teaching : Universe sends the same idea or image to a few people at the time because their response is different.Some of them don’t pay attention to it , some think that this idea is interesting and contemplate on it( it was me) and some others take INSPIRED ACTIONS. It was you! THANK you!

    • Tera

      That is so true, Vyda. I’m glad you shared this. I had this thought about Eve. I wondered if I should write about it because it might not appeal to some. But I felt like I was supposed to. At least 3 people will resonate with this prompting.

      So thanks for the confirmation!

  4. Roxanne

    I have never looked at the Adam and Eve story that way! I love that take on it! I like to think of Eve as a leader of doing something new, something that needed to be done, something that she and she alone was born to do…very thought-provoking stuff here! Thanks, Tera!

    • Tera

      HI Roxanne, I’m glad you liked my unorthodox reading. I don’t think that Eve knew what was on the other side of her action, just as we often do not know when we take a leap. But we just have to go for it, right?

      I’d like to think Eve would be pleased with this reading, that she’d feel understood.

  5. Genevieve

    I love your unorthodox ( 🙂 ) reading! I hadn’t thought of it that way. But of course! It seems so evident now you have said it. Thtank you for this reminder of our power. This is just wht I needed to read today!

    • Tera

      Hi Genevieve, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Paula Nicollin

    Dear Tera,

    Thanks for posting this. Yes, I am regularly connecting with my Why at the moment. And can confirm that when I’m standing in my truth, being open and authentic, the vibration sends out very strong signals. A recent example was one of the experts I contacted for my telesummit; we had a 45-minute conversation and she will do as much as possible to promote me and passed on 3 great references! I’ve been following your path to success all along because I believe you do have the key Tera. And the reference to Eve was great!

    • Tera

      Hi Paula, it is so inspiring to see you step forward. You are inspiring!


  7. Lisa

    It seems so obvious now that you’ve said it! How could a naive and innocent Adam and Eve fill the earth with children before The Aplple?? I am open to seeing Eve as a brave leader and not the cause of sin.

    As to my vision, it keeps changing. It’s too wrapped up in others who have their own vision or more accurately, a lack of vision. I envision the freedom to make all my own choices and to not live in anyone else’s reality and be limited by theIr choices.

  8. Isabelle

    Tera, some may call you a terrorist in your community ! haha ! ok, eve was a leader, she took actions , but (using your own words), she preferred scarcity to reach knowledge. Now, after the struggle humanity had been through, we may have both, knowledge and abundance …. So , the pain was not in vain ! God in His greatness allows us to discover through mistakes. Good, but it was not a shortcut !!!! I hope, that with clear Whys, we can do better than Eve ! And I infinitely prefer your help than the help of the snake ! God bless you !


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