Taking Inspired Action

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Last week, we were snowboarding up at a ski resort in West Virginia. And it snowed! All day. Bundled up underneath layers of clothing, my daughter and I rode the ski lift up to the top of the mountain and observed the snowflakes silently fall.

Taking inspired action reminds me of these snowflakes.

You listen to your heart. You ask yourself: what is the one action I need to take this week? Or today? That will yield quantum results?

The action may seem insignificant. But as you execute one inspired action after another, the snowflakes start to accumulate. You start to see traction in your life and in your business.

The effects start to snowball. 

It is easy to look at “the successful” and assume that it is just easy. That success happened overnight. But it is not so.

The successful create abundance through taking one inspired action after another, one step at a time.

Last month, you asked me: what is an inspired action? How can I determine if I am taking inspired action? 

Inspired action is comes from your heart and spirit. I am not referring to busy work, or the task list that you have laid out for the week.

This is your God-inspired task list. That if you take this action, you will reap infinite results.

Your action can be as simple as playing with your child and staying in the present. Your action can be pitching for that speaking opportunity. Or sitting down to write the first page of your book.

You know that you are taking inspired action by how you feel. When you take inspired action, your energy shifts.

Sometimes, inspired action can be as banal as cleaning up your closet. But your act of de-cluttering is a metaphor for what needs to happen next in your life. Or it can mean making that phone call to the person you feel prompted to call?

What would our lives be like if we devoted each moment to inspired action? If we lived truly aligned our actions with God’s will?

We each have an inner purpose (or purposes). When we listen to our inner voice and execute on that prompting, we are yielding to God’s will. And we are living (or at least journeying toward) our purpose.

This is the action that feels good to our souls. When we are taking inspired action, we thrive.

Often, we procrastinate on taking inspired action. It is that “thing” we fear to do because we cannot afford it. Or we just don’t have the time. Or we fear what others will say about us.

But when you take the leap, your very best life is waiting on the other side.

Next month, I am launching my inaugural Tera Awards Summit for the Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to share it with you.

It’s so thrilling to learn from other conscious entrepreneurs the secret to their success. One thread that I see in interviewing these visionaries is that they are masters at taking inspired action.

Taking inspired action means letting go of perfectionism. Getting intimate with making mistakes.

Last week, I shared with you a video that I have been prompted to share. Truthfully, it terrified me to share that turning point in my life so explicitly. What would my family and friends say? But I am learning to listen to my inspiration. And if I am able to serve others by sharing my story (and my mistakes), so be it. Click here to watch that video.


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