#1 Secret Habit to Attracting More Income

#1 Secret Habit to Attracting More Income

I am taking time off for the next two weeks to enjoy my family and celebrate Christmas. This year, my kids are getting snowboard gear for Christmas. Shhhh! Don't tell! I confess--I am so excited about these gifts because I LOVE snowboarding. It was the premise for...

The Skinny on Energy: Energy Healing, Weight Loss, and Body Love

In my teens and twenties I loathed my body. My self-acceptance was tied to 120 pounds or a svelte size 4. Every morning, I awoke to survey my stomach. I relished the concave slope between jutting pelvic bones. Yet even with flatness, I could pinch an inch of tummy...

Confession of an Energy Healer

Confession of an Energy Healer As an energy healer and SimplyHealed practitioner, I do energy healing on my family and me everyday to maintain optimal energy. But I was encountering a challenge. I possess the passion and energy of fire. When I lashed out in anger (and...

Shifting into Prosperity

My website offers a complimentary download of a group energy session on Creating Financial Abundance. Funny thing, I felt a shift listening to the recording of my own session. Honestly, I didn’t expect that, since after all, I was the present during the live energy...

Hello, Pre-Pregnancy Body!

As an Energy Intuitive and Coach, I had worked on my releasing my blocks to a healthy, slender body and increasing my metabolism. But it wasn’t until the past month that I realized: the resistance to releasing the weight was inextricably tied to deep-seated fear. I was afraid of losing weight. Subconsciously, I told myself that to be a successful Energy Coach who helped and inspired others, I had to return to my ideal weight. I was afraid about stepping up and creating a thriving practice where I served as the go-to expert in my field. I was afraid about being accountable for what I knew and needed to share.

The Science behind Energy Healing

Throughout the ages, new ideas are rejected because it challenges accepted orthodoxy. But eventually, the unconventional becomes conventional knowledge. Interestingly, energy healing is an ancient idea, and it’s time to recuperate what the indigenous and the ancient world knew long ago. The health of our society and our planet depend upon it.

Debunking Hype on Energy Work – Part 2

I have owned my Mac notebook for almost 5 years, it has worked splendidly, but just recently it started slowing down. Soon, I will hand my computer to an Apple technician who can clean it up, remove any bugs and unnecessary clutter, and provide clean pathways so my...

Quantum GPS Masterclass