How to Center and Come Home

How to Center and Come Home

Today's Monday tip is coming from my hotel room in LA overlooking Wilshire Boulevard. I've been traveling the past week to San Diego and Los Angeles. I just wanted to take a moment and share with you a technique I recently learned from my dear friend Ruth Holmes. This...

How to Achieve Success

I believe there are definite patterns to achieve success. That these patterns are accessible to all. And that if you follow certain steps, you will achieve success in your life. I know with certainty that if you follow these steps, success is inevitable. One step to...

Taking Inspired Action

Taking Inspired Action

Last week, we were snowboarding up at a ski resort in West Virginia. And it snowed! All day. Bundled up underneath layers of clothing, my daughter and I rode the ski lift up to the top of the mountain and observed the snowflakes silently fall. Taking inspired action...

Why You Aren’t Getting Results

Here's why you aren't getting the results you really want: As I was writing today, my eyes strained to see. I gazed above at the high arching ceiling in my family room. 3 lights had burned out. Only 3 lights remained. Someone (aka my husband) needs to replace these...

Shifting into Prosperity

My website offers a complimentary download of a group energy session on Creating Financial Abundance. Funny thing, I felt a shift listening to the recording of my own session. Honestly, I didn’t expect that, since after all, I was the present during the live energy...

Hello, Pre-Pregnancy Body!

As an Energy Intuitive and Coach, I had worked on my releasing my blocks to a healthy, slender body and increasing my metabolism. But it wasn’t until the past month that I realized: the resistance to releasing the weight was inextricably tied to deep-seated fear. I was afraid of losing weight. Subconsciously, I told myself that to be a successful Energy Coach who helped and inspired others, I had to return to my ideal weight. I was afraid about stepping up and creating a thriving practice where I served as the go-to expert in my field. I was afraid about being accountable for what I knew and needed to share.

Generational Memories and Healing

Life can be challenging enough without carrying around our ancestors’ energetic baggage. But you can release the generational memory.